Free Online Financial Management Courses

If you are looking for free online financial management courses with quality study materials and useful references , you have found the right page . Here I have reviewed 8 fantastic online financial management courses which are completely free . Whether you be business owner or a college student , these financial management courses will be helpful for you in someway .


List Of Free Online Financial Management Courses

1. Financial Management

Course URL :

This Financial Management course is provided by MIT Open Courses Ware . This course covers various topics such as


  • Corporate finance and Capital markets .
  • Emphasizing the financial aspects of managerial decisions .
  • Valuation of real and financial assets .
  • Risk management and financial derivatives .
  • The trade-off between risk and expected return .
  • Corporate financing and dividend policy .

The course is deeply based on empirical research to help the students in managerial decisions.


2. Financial Literacy

Course URL :

Financial Literacy is a free online course provided by . First in this course you will have a introduction about personal financial management . This course covers major topics in financial management . Here you can learn from how to set up a bank account to planning for retirement . At the end of this course you will be having a clear idea on managing your savings , budget and money . This course will help you to manage debt successfully . You can also learn and understand more about the choice of insurance products available . Apart from this you will also gain good knowledge about tax , renting , consumer rights and so on . This course will help in knowing all the basic aspects of finance .


3. All About Financial Management in Business

Course URL :

This financial management resource is provided Management . Here you can find resources on various topics of financial management . Some important topics covered here are ,

  • Role of Treasurer and Board Finance Committee
  • Getting an Accountant or Bookkeeper
  • About Accounting Software
  • Getting a Bank and Banker
  • Basic Overview of For-Profit Financial Management
  • Addressing Financial Controls and Risk Management
  • Critical Operating Activities In Yearly Accounting Cycle
  • Financial Planning
  • Budgeting and Managing a Budget
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Financial Statements and Analysis

and many more similar topics . This page covers various topics under financial management . Have a glance , this will be useful .

4 . Entrepreneurial Finance

Course URL :

Entrepreneurial Finance is a free online course offered by MIT through MIT Open Course Ware . It was initially taught in Spring 2011. But still you can have access to Lecture Notes and also download course materials . The syllabus covered in this course are Business Evaluation and Valuation , Financing and Venture Capital Funds . This is a university level course .

5. Finance Theory II

Course URL :

Finance Theory II is also a free online course offered by MIT through MIT Open Course Ware . This course was initially taught in Spring 2003. But still you can have access to this course .

  •  Financing Needs and Capital Structure
  •  Project and Company Valuation
  •  Risk Management and Corporate Governance

The above mentioned topics are covered in this course .

6. Personal Finance

Course URL :

This website is completely dedicated to Personal Finance courses . Here in this website they cover a wide range of topics about personal finance . They have lessons for Beginners , Intermediate and advanced learners . You can also find references of additional tool and resources regarding personal finance which will be useful to you . Implementation of IT and computer in personal finance can be learnt through this course .

7. Business Analysis Using Financial Statements

Course URL :

Business Analysis Using Financial Statements is also a free online course offered by MIT through MIT Open Course Ware . This course was initially taught in Spring 2003. But still you can have access to this course . These classes don’t have any time restriction .

Free Online Financial Management Courses

Free Online Financial Management Courses

8. Financial Statements Made Easy

Course URL :

Financial Statements Made Easy is a simple course offered by Udemy . This course is free , you just need to log in to the website to access the courses . This course consist of a series of 12 Lectures , covering various topics like The Income Statement , The Balance Sheet , The Statement Of Cash Flows and The Financial Statements , Integrated .

 All the above mentioned courses are more of educational resources but they don’t provide any degrees and they also don’t come with certificate .

For Free Online Courses With Certificate : Click Here .


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