4 Free Online IT Courses To Learn IT Basics

In today’s world IT skills, have become an integral part of our life. Here in this article know about 4 free online IT courses to learn IT basics. Nowadays basic IT qualifications are expected by companies during recruitment. Let it be engineering, medicine or law, basic IT skills are required to secure a job. Even before joining college IT skills and some basic programming language skill would help you a lot. So here I will mention 4 Free online IT courses which will be helpful in learning basic IT skills.

List of Free Online IT Courses

1. Introduction to Information Technology

This is a free online course offered by Udemy. Udemy is the web platform for online learning. You have a lifetime access for this course and there is no limit for this course. Through this course, you can learn all the basics about Information Technology.

2. Information Technology I

This course is offered by MIT through MIT OpenCourseWare. Through this course, students can understand the technical concepts underlying current and future developments in Information Technology.

3. Information Technology Essentials

This course is also offered by MIT through MIT OpenCourseWare. This course offers a wide coverage of technology concepts and trends underlying current and future developments in information technology.

4. Introduction to Information Technology

This course is offered by Alison. Through this course, you can have an in-depth view on Information Technology. This course will be very helpful for basic level students.

Hope the above mentioned free online IT courses and training will help you in gaining basic IT skills.

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  1. Hi
    How can I apply for this course?
    Thank you

    • Jerome Fernandes says:

      Just click on the course title , you will be redirected to the course providers website . There you can enroll yourself.

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